Playing Footgolf This Easter

Why You Should Get the Family Out On the Course Spring has sprung, the daffodils are waving a cheery hello, there are lambs in the field, and Easter is just around the corner. At a time of year when the sun is starting to remind us of its existence, and many footgolf courses are extending  [...]

How to Play More Footgolf in 2017

Footgolf quickly finds its way in to your heart, but trying to find the time, and funds, for your new favourite sport can be a tall order. Getting the opportunities to improve and tackle new courses is exciting, but how do you make it happen? Here’s the Footgolf Frenzy Guide to Playing More Footgolf in  [...]

The History Of Footgolf

The Origins of Footgolf The exact history of Footgolf are unclear and this is because the origin can be attributed to several countries simultaneously… Juan Manuel Aensi, a Barcelona player is said to have introduced the game in 2008 by some.  The first ever footgolf tournament was played on a golf course, in Holland in  [...]

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