Online Booking SystemWe are pleased to announce that to support and proactively market Footgolf courses further that we have now created an online booking system specifically for Footgolf courses.

It’s a simple booking system that has been built to give you control over everything. You can even add bookings manually, so it is a complete booking and management system for your Footgolf course. You also own all the customer data and payment can either be made online or can be taken at your course.

And by choosing to use our booking facility on our website you can provide your customers with more than one way to purchase a Footgolf round. Let us help you reach potential customers and ensure a greater reach to your target audience.

Remember, we aren’t competing with how you currently promote and take bookings for your Footgolf course, we complement it. We are just another marketing channel to reach potential Footgolfers. Our booking facility works happily alongside any existing system. It is just like a tee time booking system that many golf clubs use; and golf clubs will often use more than one booking system to promote their tee times through different websites to reach a wider audience.

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Features & Functionality


Easy to use

For Footgolf courses the booking system is intuitive and straight-forward. For Footgolfers the system is simple. They can book easily by using a step-by-step process which asks them various questions about their booking. Once they have completed the booking, they receive a booking confirmation email and invoice which is also emailed to you.

Increase your bookings

By promoting your tee times on our website (and we will subsequently promote you through our social media networks and blog) your bookings should increase and your online brand presence should grow.

Generate higher revenue

Not only do we give you the option to sell your Footgolf rounds online, we also give you the option to try and increase revenues further by selling extra products to Footgolfers at the time of booking. Products which you can sell are equipment purchase/hire or catering options.

Add manual bookings

Our website promotes your Footgolf course in a number of ways and we are fully supportive regarding the different methods by which a Footgolfer may want to book a round. That’s why we provide them with a Footgolf courses phone number, email address and a link to their website, so they can choose how they book a round. Our system allows you to add manual bookings over the phone and through other methods to ensure you have a complete record of who has booked at your course.

Build a database of your customers

The data which we collect about customers to your website is yours to own. You can download your customer list at any time through our export facility and market separately to these customers.

We maintain the system

We look after the software. No software is needed to be installed on your server, we give you access to an
online system which we maintain and run.

10 reasons you should use our booking system

1. Advertise your Footgolf tee times through another sales/marketing channel

2. Easy to use booking system

3. Fully control your Footgolf course inventory

4. Add bookings manually to have a complete management system

5. Payment taken at your course or online

6. Upsell additional products / services to Footgolfers

7. Build a database of customers

8. No maintenance or hosting costs to run and maintain the system

9. Feedback welcome to ensure the system is updated as per your requirements

10. Free trial* – what have you got to lose?

* Free trial period is up to Footgolf Frenzy’s discretion